laa tahzan innallaha ma'ana

Before you know it it’s 3 am and you’re 80 years old and you can’t remember what it was like to have 20 year old thoughts or a 10 year old heart.

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There comes a day when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because you realize there is so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on.

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Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken from you.

Deepak Chopra

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This love thing is really difficult. And that’s why we have to figure it out. Remember Luqmaan’s advice to his son [31:13]? What did he say? “Don’t do shirk”. So that could be shirk of obedience, it could be shirk of worship, shirk of trust, and it could be shirk of love. So what is the shirk of love? The shirk of love is committed when my love of my parents or my children or my spouse or my friend is not based on the love I have for Allah. You can love your friends, but that love is supposed to have a basis. And what’s the basis of it? The love of Allah. And what does that mean practically? And how do you understand that? Very simply, if out of love of them, I do things Allah doesn’t like, then that is shirk in love. That love is making you turn away from Allah and what He loves. Allah is not denying you love. Allah is not saying you can’t have love for anything else but He’s saying if that loves takes you away from me, then that’s unacceptable.

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okay seriously if you’re in a relationship or even a friendship and you find yourself spending more time crying out of sadness or arguing with them, leave them. i don’t care if they’re a modern day aphrodite/adonis or a gift bestowed upon you by the gods. toxic people are dangerous and i highly advise cutting them out of your life and finding someone who makes you laugh until you snort your drink out your nose instead.

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